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Jessica R.


Cathedral City, CA

Yelp.jpg  1/18/2015

I'm going to say I've been to the wax Lounge about 4-5 times and I must say I love it here! The first time I came here something when wrong with my appointment but the girls (can't remember her name) reschedule me and took care of me the next time I went in and apologized for the inconvenience, she was very nice and professional and made me feel comfortable with my Brazilian I left happy!! The other few times I've been there Marlene has been the one assisting me, she is very professional and a very sweet girl! I recommend this place to all my friends and my family. I love it here!! And their products are to die they all smell soooo good!  The decor is very cute!


CoCo C.


Brooklyn, NY

Yelp.jpg  1/18/2015

After living here for over 6 months & shaving, I thought it may be time to get back into waxing. Found this place here on Yelp & the ladies are great! The woman who waxed me was gentle & made me feel comfortable. The place is gorgeous too! Good sexy gifts *wink*

Meghan M.


Los Angeles, CA

Yelp.jpg  1/15/2015

I absolutely love The Wax Lounge! I was super scared before my first bikini waxing but felt so silly for feeling that way after my first experience here. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. They offered me wine to ease my nerves :) Brandi is a wax goddess! I went for my second treatment today and barely even felt it. I would highly recommend this establishment to anyone looking for a little girly me time, you feel like a new person afterwards. Thanks guys!



Riverside, CA

Yelp.jpg  1/04/2015

First time customer....went in Sunday for a Brazilian Wax from Brandi.  I called in the morning and got an appointment right away. The décor and atmosphere was very welcoming.  Brandi did a great job and was very professional.  I decided to go back a few days later for a "2 snaps and a twirl bronzing" with Brandi.  I have been very impressed with their service.  Great place!

Raquel R.


Riverside, CA

Yelp.jpg  12/12/2014

All I have to say is this place is the bomb! Brandi did a perfect job at answering all my questions. She made me feel so comfortable and overall my experience here was wonderful! Definitely going to be a regular!



Riverside, CA

Yelp.jpg  12/09/2014

I love this place- it's been almost a year since I've been here (due to my finances) so I was super nervous but Clara is a wax genius and made my appt quick and easy! I cannot recommend this place enough. Parking is available on Merrill (in front of the business along the street). If you're looking for a waxing place that's professional and clean- this is the place!

Jennifer  R. 


Orange, CA

Yelp.jpg  11/26/2014 

Today was my first visit and Clara was amazing. It's a cozy and inviting atmosphere. I got the full Brazilian and she did a perfect job. I will definitely be back soon for other services!

Rico S.


Indio, CA

Yelp.jpg  10/10/2014

Went to this place for the first time for a first time Manzilian n Back wax.  Marlene made me at ease and was very professional.  She did an amazing job! I would highly recommend her to anyone.  Marlene also told me about a few products they got for sale. I must say they work great.  Thx Marlene.

Stacie H.


Palm Springs, CA

Yelp.jpg  6/29/2014

this place is amazing!!! stunning decor, friendly, professional staff...they also have a small selection of yummy-smelling soaps, lingerie, and makeup! I am still mesmerized by the beautiful interior design...love this place! i'll be a repeat customer for sure :)

Gabriela D.


Coachella, CA

Yelp.jpg  6/20/2014

I had a wonderful experience today at The Wax Lounge, Demi was so knowledgable and efficient. Favorite part was the free wine!!! I would definitely go back for all my waxing services..... Their website is so easy and u can even make appointments online. Make sure to take home one of their lovely products, so helpful. See you soon Demi!!!



Los Angeles, CA

Yelp.jpg  4/22/2014

Omg, this place is pure class!! My experience was truly amazing. The receptionist immediately made me feel at home with a glass of wine while I filled out my paperwork.  Demi was my esthetician, and she is FABULOUS. She was so fun to talk to and handled business so efficiently. Being the product junkie that I am, I was super intrigued by their merchandise. After my service Demi recommended some products from their undercarriage and skin care line, and after a few weeks of use, I have to say I'm hooked! I'm really looking forward to my next visit, and I don't think I've ever felt that was about a Brazilian!!

Peggy M. 


Riverside, CA

Yelp.jpg  7/8/2011 1 Check-in Here First to Review

Demi just made my eyes look gorgeous! Eyebrow & eyelash tint, awesome. Can't wait to come back for more treatments.

Jessica And Anthony M. 


Riverside, CA

Yelp.jpg  11/1/2012

I had other plans for my Brazilian this evening, but the appointment had to be cancelled due to scheduling conflicts. I have an event to attend this weekend and need to be in a bathing suit - SO, in a frenzy, I googled Brazilian waxing salons near me and this one was very highly reviewed and at the top of the list.  I figured, "What the heck, I'm in a bind, I'll try it out."  Luckily, they had a same-day appointment available and got me right in. 
I'm VERY glad I came here!
First off, it's not hard to find at all.  The space is SO cute (it's a little boutique AND a salon) and if it wasn't for my tight budget at this time, impulse buys would have consumed my bill for this evening.  They are VERY clean, and I felt safe being there.  Their menu of services is moderately priced, not expensive at all compared to other salons in the area. 
Everyone I encountered was very friendly (unfortunately I didn't get the names of the lovely gals at the front, sorry!), and my waxer was Brittni.  I didn't wait long at all, and Brittni was very nice and explained the whole process to me, as well as aftercare.  I've had Brazilians before over the past two years, but my problem is that I'm not consistent - thus resulting in me still continuing to get waxed.  She recommended products for me for the aftercare to help prevent ingrowns, and their products are not unreasonably priced at all.  I felt relaxed and at ease with her, and to me that's very important when looking for an aesthetician. 
Overall, I'm glad my plans changed for this evening, because it led me to discover this little gem here in Riverside :)  I will definitely be a return customer, and would recommend this place to anyone and everyone!

Denise B.


Riverside, CA

Yelp.jpg  7/21/2012

If you're sitting here reading this review, considering if you should come here... DO IT!
I love all the ladies (and Adrian!) at the Wax Lounge. They're awesome - not just because they're warm, friendly, and easy to talk to, but all of them are fantastic at what they do, and the facility is beautiful, clean, and their practices are sanitary (very important!). I've had some waxing services here as well as a sample of Rochelle's massage services and everything is great! Demi and Brittni both make the waxing experience as comfortable as you can get considering, and I can't forget a shout-out to my girl Clara! :D You can tell they've put their heart and soul into this place. I've been coming here for a while and I've seen how far the owners have come, remodeling the place on their own time and budget and they've come a long way. I can't wait to try some of their other services - facials, mani/pedis (you need to check out what they're offering - it looks great!), massage and maybe even a haircut! It is a bit pricey but for the quality of service you're getting, it's worth it. Plus it's super easy to book appointments (online or over the phone - and they send you e-mail and text reminders!) and they are so flexible with my spastic self :)
Maybe I will see you there!

Krystine S.


Riverside, CA

Yelp.jpg  7/13/2012

Went here for my first Brazilian one month ago and have already gone back again. Demi is the best; such a sweetheart, professional, comfortable, and gets the job done. The atmosphere of the place is great and everyone is super friendly. Check-in, booking, payment, etc is very efficient and speedy. I'm considering having all my beauty services done here from now on (pedicure, eyebrow wax).
Top of the line place! I recommend it to everyone!

Jeanette A.


Riverside, CA

Yelp.jpg  10/3/2012

I came here for my first trip to Brazil! To be honest, I was nervous and scared as all first timers feel, but the service here is impeccable! Brittani made me feel so comfortable and kept asking  if I was feeling okay. I didn't feel excruciating pain and it felt like a bandaid pulled. So in other words I had a great experience! Other than that, the place is really clean, the only trouble I had was finding the place because of all the construction going around haha.



Columbus, GA

Yelp.jpg  8/9/2012

This is for the service I received on 7/8/2012. I highly recommend the wax lounge for all your bikini waxing needs. I got my first Brazilian, and it wasn't as bad as you'd think. I mean, it hurt, but I was able to tell Britni when I needed a breather.
There is a bunch of cute jewelry in front, so bring some extra cash for some impulse purchases.
The astringent I got from here worked really well at keeping the ingrown hairs at bay. If I hadn't moved, I would absolutely use them for this and other services. Great service, reasonable prices!

Toni L.


Riverside, CA

Yelp.jpg  6/26/2012

My experience here was as comfortable as I think it gets! For a procedure that renders you so vulnerable, my first wax ever was extremely fast, efficient, and professionally approached. The staff is also friendly, approachable, and best of all, skilled and experienced in their line of work. I felt very relaxed as soon as I entered the place-- The Wax Lounge feels like a posh little house complete with bedazzled accessories and matching colors to help accentuate the vibe. I've taken a peek in other places that do brazilian waxes for cheaper (like nail salons) but the facilities look awful-- unprofessional, unsanitary, lacking in tools, and very sketchy. I'm sure waxes there would feel painful, incomplete, and either too rushed or too agonizingly slow. But the private room where I was taken in The Wax Lounge was clean, cute, smelled good, had relaxing music, and was fully stocked with proper, high-quality materials. Brittni was also very supportive, understanding, and easy to talk to. She made sure to keep my mind off of what was happening, and was very thorough in explaining what she was doing, how it would work, and how to take care of myself after. I was extremely grateful for her professionalism, her personality, and her technique. Some might think it's a little pricy here, but I definitely think it's worth it, especially for a  procedure that is so private. They are also nice enough to go into detail for you about what each wax entails on their website, so you don't find yourself asking awkward questions. I'll definitely be coming back!

Allison M.


Oakland, CA

Yelp.jpg  7/27/2012

I got an excellent wax yesterday as a first time client. Brittni was thorough, professional, and friendly. The other staff were very welcoming. Will definitely go back next time I'm in town!

Taylor H.


Riverside, CA

Yelp.jpg  6/30/2012 3 Yelp Check-ins Here

After my visit here I had to review. This was my first brazilian wax and honestly I was scared. I choose the playboy wax with britti. It was fast and mostly painless. The shop was clean and inviting. Bottom line if you need a wax come here :D

Pink_Facebook_Logo.jpg  7/1/2012

If you need a brazilian wax come here! Period! They are fast and everyone is so friendly. Thank you.

Robyn L.


Riverside, CA

Yelp.jpg  6/13/2012

I just went to the Wax Lounge for the first time today. When I stepped in I was welcomed by the receptionist man and impressed by how cute the decor was. Then I was taken to a room by Demi. I had never gotten my underarms waxed before and was a little nervous, but Demi made me feel comfortable. She was so sweet and very professional. The little bed they have you lay on was actually quite comfortable as well. The actual waxing was quick and fairly painless. I will be coming back for this service and maybe some of the other ones that they provide.

Mike N.

Los Angeles, CA

Yelp.jpg  6/8/2012

So I guess I'm the first guy to write a review about waxing services. Don't be bashful guys you know you're looking too.  I have never gotten anything waxed before. Didn't really think bout that as an option. My girlfriend got a Brazilian and I love it on her. I figured what the hell why not go through the same pain that she goes trough for me. I was quite skeptical and a bit nervous about how awkward it would be. After reading reviews about demi I decided to make an appt. I show up and didn't expect it to be an old house style building. I walked in an immediately was greeted by demi. Her energy and calm voice settled my nerves a bit. She was finishing setting up the room as I was waiting and I was talkin to the gentleman at the front I believe his name was Adrian who I later found out was her husband lol.
Once I got in the room I felt a little more calm about getting a manzilian wax. Pretty personal procedure. Demi was a professional throughout the whole process. My "package" was covered by a pink gown and my hand holding everything to stretch the skin as well as not being completely naked  She told me what she was doing. When she was doing it and how it would be done. She made it much more comfortable than I had ever imagined it could be. Dont get Me wrong that shit hurt but her attitude and method of waxing will definitely bring me back. Only awkward moment was when I had to get on all fours for the actual butt hair waxing. And even then my "package" was covered with my hands and pulled toward me. But she was quick and very efficient. I have no prior experience to compare this to but from what I can tell she takes her job seriously and loves what she does. Thanks demi for making my manzilian wax less awkward than I thought. See you soon.

Lori E.


Riverside, CA

Yelp.jpg  4/5/2012

is the most elegant and professional place ive seen, don't trust your sensitive private parts to uncertified nail salon techs, these girls are licensed, educated, and specialize in all different areas of cosmetology. they make you feel comfortable, and are quick. i wont do details on my service but it was my first and i will definitely go back.

Alexis C.


Riverside, CA

Yelp.jpg  3/10/2012

Went here for a Brazilian wax today and was extremely impressed! First of all, the salon itself is very elegant and well-appointed.  Everything has a posh and relaxing feel.  I was immediately greeted by a friendly receptionist and checked in upon entering the building.  A few minutes later I went to another room to get my Brazilian done by Demi.  She did a PERFECT job and made me feel very at ease the whole time.  Also, this wax was very quick and flawlessly done at the same time.  Let's face it, if you're getting Brazilian waxing done for the first time or you haven't maintained yourself for awhile, it's gonna be a bit painful... so the quicker the better! I like that you can make appointments online and view detailed descriptions of all services through the website. I loved Demi and my experience here, I'm definitely going to be trying some more of their services.  Also, they are expanding and remodeling to add a hair salon and nail salon, YAY!!!

Tiffany R.


Fontana, CA

Yelp.jpg  10/30/2011 1 Check-in Here

Demi is the GREATEST!!!!!! This was my first Brazilian wax and I was nervous. However, Demi made the experience so pleasant and painless. I'm so glad I went to Demi. I have already booked my next appointment. I immediately called my friends and told them they have to come to Demi. Demi is Pleasant, Professional and gives you a Painless experience... I love my wax!!!!!

Terri W.


Riverside, CA

Yelp.jpg  8/16/2011 1 Check-in Here

Demi is great and makes you feel very comfortable.  And very reasonable!

Brandi H.


Riverside, CA

Yelp.jpg  4/20/2012

Adorable, new Waxing place, very friendly staff, had my lip and brow done today. A little pricey, but totally worth it. Have to park on Merrill, no parking behind the biulding. Had a great experience , very friendly. Would totally go back :)

Daniel B.


Riverside, CA

Yelp.jpg  8/28/2012

I totally love it here, the bikini wax is so discrete.

Melissa N.


Riverside, CA

Yelp.jpg  7/26/2012

I have to give The Wax Lounge an A++, I have been going here since sept of 2011 and I have always had great experiences with every service.  Demi is fantastic, she is everything you would want in someone taking care of your pretty needs, as a female you know how important it is to get things right, she is outstanding.  Staff here is wonderful and are all very nice and always have smiles on their faces.  Ive had my eyelashes, my brows, dermaplaning, pedicure and also my hair trimmed and conditioned..all the services are more than great!  They have a great membership you can purchase and is way worth the price.  I love going to the wax lounge, inside is very pretty and clean and just makes you feel good!  I highly recommend anyone to check out the services that are offered and give the Wax Lounge a try, as I am sure you will go back!!

Pink_Facebook_Logo.jpg  10/09/2011

I highly recommend this spa to all of my female and male friends and family who live in the Riverside area to pay a visit to my friend Demi at The Wax Lounge.  She does practically every beauty care srvc  you can think of and her prices are...
very reasonable.  Her office is new, its located  off of Brockton Avenue near the DMV. I loved my experience there and would highly recommend it to everyone :) She has a web site along with a facebook site.

Autumn M.


Fontana, CA

Yelp.jpg  7/16/2012

I have been to many places to get a Brazillian and left very disappointed... However, The Wax Lounge is the absolute BEST! Demi is very sweet and absolutely amazing! I have never been more satisfied! Very little pain and BEAUTIFUL results!

Alyssia M.


Menifee, CA

Yelp.jpg  6/28/2012

Just got my second brazilian wax at The Wax Lounge. I have seen both Demi and Brittni and they are BOTH awesome!!! They each have perfect personalities that make you feel comfortable and at ease while doing a very personal task. Their technique's are wonderful. While some pain does come with waxing, someone who does not know what their doing can create a much more painful experience, especially in that delicate area!! Both ladies are quick, efficient and do a beautiful job!! The atmosphere is very relaxing.

Pink_Facebook_Logo.jpg  11/08/2012

Not only is this the perfect place to get waxing done, with the addition of the very talented Tate, you can now have a great haircut/style or color done as well!! Thank you Tate for the wonderful cut and style, you are very talented!!!

Patricia B.


Corona, CA

Yelp.jpg  1/8/2012

Ladies are very friendly and helpful.  Many different choices, Luv it!

Lana B.


Fontana, CA

Yelp.jpg  12/15/2011

Went to Wax Lounge for the first time and Demi is a sweetheart. She did an excellent job.

Jessica C.


Riverside, CA

Yelp.jpg  12/2/2011

Walked in today, when I realized the sign outside said "by appointment only" when Demi opened toe door and welcomed me in smiling. :) very very excellent customer service. The actual deed (Brazilian) was much more comfortable than I assumed, as it was my first ever, the experience was very pleasant, reasonably priced and very comfortable. I'll never go anywhere else! :) Demi is excellent and I'm excited for my next apt with her.

Pink_Facebook_Logo.jpg  5/17/2012

The Wax Lounge. Trusting someone with your downstairs is tricky business. And its a huge relief and comfort that the ladies at the wax lounge are excellent at what they do. Upstairs, downstairs, you name it. They are all sweethearts and thi...
s place of business deserves all the credit in the world. It's heaven for my friends and Ive never have I had a bad thing to say about the Wax Lounge and it's employees, and I'm confident that I never will.


Tamia H.


Riverside, CA

Yelp.jpg  11/30/2011

I have been goin to Demi for over a year for waxing. So obviously she's great. But just Monday I got a massage from Susan. When I got on her table I could barely stand up. Today I forgot my back ever hurt. She was amazing. Very knowledgeable and again I feel great. Way to go Wax Lounge staff. You just get better and better.

Jenna M.


Riverside, CA

Yelp.jpg  11/28/2011

I had the best experience here.I had gotten a Brazilian bikini wax.I was so scared since it was my first waxing.She was very sweet and made me feel very comfortable.I will defiantly be going back.

Mary F.


Riverside, CA

Yelp.jpg  11/11/2011

Wow my first brazilian wax! It was a great and wonderful experience. Who says that after such an invasive wax? Great place I am going to be a regular here. Highly recommended.

Pink_Facebook_Logo.jpg  11/15/2011

I highly recommend this place! Run don't walk to your brazilian wax.

Allina L.


Loma Linda, CA

Yelp.jpg  10/25/2011

I had a brazilian wax done here at the wax lounge by Demi, she was PHENOMENAL. This girl really knows what she is doing and makes you feel so comfortable. The place was really east to find and it's such a nice environment. Currently they are under a lot of renovations because they are trying to fix up this victorian style 1920s house into a spa/beauty/salon parlor. So far everything looks great and I am so excited to see the progression.
Demi made me feel right at home and was very efficient. I have had quite a few brazilians and she is the BEST aesthetician I've ever had. Great experience, I would recommend this to all my friends and family.

Kari M.


Riverside, CA

Yelp.jpg  8/17/2011

I absolutely love the Wax Lounge, it is just what Riverside needed.  Ive gone to Demi for everything from facials, to Brazilians, to eyebrow waxing and she never fails to amaze me.  Not only is the building absolutely gorgeous, but Demi is as well.  Right away you feel a sense of comfort with Demi, almost like you have known her your entire life!! I recommend this place to all my friends and will continue going here forever! I'm so excited to try Lash Extensions and her famous Spray Tans next!!!

Meghan Monroe


Riverside, CA

Pink_Facebook_Logo.jpg  12/08/2011

this place is probably the best place to get anything waxed. not only that, they offer a variety of other services that i know that everyone will love. :)

CieCi Townsend


 Riverside, CA
Pink_Facebook_Logo.jpg  12/01/12
AWESOME!!!  After being down in the dumps for the past month, Clara rejuvenated my spirits with the most AMAZING facial. I can hardly wait for my next one!!! ♥♥♥