Facial Waxing


Note:  We consider ourselves brow aficionados as we have been personally tutored in our jazzy brow skills by the Eyebrow King of Tinsel town, the Royal Brow Highness, Damone Roberts, therefore, if we do say ourselves (which we do) our eyebrows are simply a work of art!  P.S.  He's better than Queen A.  Take it from us!  ; )

  • Makeover Design $33

  • Tweezing (no wax) $38

For those sensitive to waxing, allergic to wax ingredients, or on strong skin resurfacers such as Retinoic Acid, Retinol, or Glycolics, or Acne medications.

Brow Re-Hab  intervention program $219

If you:  prefer the gangsta-gal, "Chola" looking brows; or the Mc’a D logo shaped brows (first of all, you may want to seek compensation from Mc Donalds corp for sporting their logo on your face); prefer to wear lined brows as though they’re lining the state of Texas; believe that you only need one brow instead of two, like Bert from Sesame Street; or think that a skinny line of hair going across your forehead is pretty sexy—you can stop reading right now.  (Cue: Pause)  For the rest of us that realize that our brows should be a work of art & not a catastrophe or a circus sideshow, please read on.  This is the perfect brow rehabilitating, intervention program, created for the gals that have made a mess of their eyebrows; those guilty of shaving them off & penciling’em in, over waxing, plucking, or tweezing (you know who you are).  When your eyebrows go bad, we’ll be here to pick up the pieces and help your brows get their sexy, "va-va-va-voom" back through our 12 week Brow Re-Hab program with prescheduled, bi-monthly appointments.  During this time, it is not permissible that you touch your eyebrows whatsoever (no cheating allowed either, we’ll know if you did).  Your “browsies” belong to us for the full 12 weeks—that’s the deal.  This program is an active, preventative measure to assure you don’t fall prey on becoming the next guest-star of a reality TV, makeover show for parading scandalous, deplorable, & appalling brows that stop traffic—for undesirable reasons. 

The Brow Re-Hab Intervention Program” consists of:

  • You understanding & acknowledging that you have jacked-up your eyebrows & you really need to leave'em alone.
  • You stepping away from the tweezers & throwing them out possibly, if they're too great a temptation to wanna use.
  • Before & after photography will be done to track & compare progress to see how far your caterpillars have come!
  • The very skilled brow fairies at The Wax Lounge will:  re-sculpt, redefine angles, arches, & brow frames (oh my) & “Salagadoola mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo” your eyebrows in the most of fashionable & glamorous of ways that we know how.  See how your “unbrowable,” God awful brows progress into beautifully bold & perfectly arched, sexy eye-frames evvva!
  • Lastly, you will be educated on the artistry & maintenance of eyebrows & what defines fabulous versus ghastly, hair-raising brows. 
  • Includes:  6 makeover eyebrow sessions, before & after pictures, artistry & maintenance education, & specialtyBROW TEASE'S Brow Shaper Kit (Creates beautiful brows that imparts natural looking texture & dimension).  Brow Shaper Kit includes Light, Medium, Deep, & Brow-Highlighting shades.

*Must be used within 12 weeks of beginning program. 


CHIN  $16

EARS  $18



LIP  $16





*Does not include EYEBROWS, EARS or NOSTRILS.

Body Waxing


  • Full $37
  • Half $27
  • Vertical Tummy “Line” $16



  • Full $53
  • Three-Quarters $48
  • Half $42
  • Quarter $37


  • Full $69
  • Upper OR Lower $37



FEET & TOES  $25


KNEES  $21


  • Full $90 (8/8) *Does not include the bikini area.
  • Three-Quarters (6/8) $84
  • Half (4/8) $69 *Includes knees.
  • Quarter  (2/8)   $53
  • One-Eighth (1/8)  $37