SERIES OF 3 $1,091

 *FOR SERIES:  Each treatment must be scheduled and done every 30 days.  Expires after 120 days from first treatment.


  • Professional Consultation
  • Professional Application
  • Take Home, 1 oz. Pinker Pucker, Anal Bleaching Cream (30 Day Supply)
  • DERRIERE WAX, (Between Cheeks Only)

When was the last time you took a mirror and looked down there? If it’s been a while, you should consider looking soon before it begins to look foreign and unrecognizable! Time happens and so does skin darkening and discoloration, mostly due to our crazy hormones. It’s perfectly ok and normal to admit that we all want to make a great first impression or maybe just continue to look our best, especially in those areas where it matters most. Now the “Nether” regions can get a full makeover with a Vajayjay or Anal bleaching procedure! Can we get an “Amen?!” Our bleaching services lighten the pigmented skin and work to make you sexy all over! The service begins with a wax, followed by a professional application.  Your esthetician at this time will answer any questions you may have and also instruct you on the usage of the product.  She'll give you an understanding of the sensation of the product and ensure positive results.You will be given a 30 day supply, home version of our professional bleaching cream. Results are typical within 3-4 weeks but vary depending on the initial pigmentation level of melanin present, your DNA makeup, hormonal changes and diet.

Welcome to the world of Pinker Puckers where the desire for a pinker Starfish is no longer only for the porn stars, strippers, kinky lovers, or for the ones where the weird train stops.  There’s truly no shortage of reasons to lighten & rejuvenate your anus.  Perhaps you’ve realized the need to spice things up in the bedroom & give your luvahh a starry-eyed impression; at your last visit to the doc, you overheard the snickering comparison of your posterior Hershey Highway to the Milky Way’s, Black Hole; maybe the passage of time, birthing a few bambinos, & an umpteen consumption of beans, chili, coffee, & vino have all been the demise of your Leather Donut, falling prey to the indelible stains of Brown Syndrome.  Put an end (pun intended) to the embarrassing, darkened Eye of the Storm!  This little magical, lightening-concoction will change your Sphincter Spectrum!  Brighter cheeks bring brighter days!  So bright in fact, your “Sphinc” will need new shades!  Anticipate matching your spiffy new Bungholio to a shade of “Cotton Candy Pink,” in the paint aisle, at the home improvement shop.  Unlike most bleaching creams on the market, Pinker Pucker is pharmaceutical grade & Hydroquinone free, which is excellent news for your Ruched-Canyon, since Hydroquinone’s been linked to Cancer & Ochronosis, a skin-thickening condition characterized by blue-black discoloration.  (Cue: “Don’t make my brown eye blue!”  Sad face.)  Who says you need to go green to make the world a better place?  Go pink and keep Your Undercarriage rust free.  You’ll be contributing in doing your part just fine.  That said, let’s bleach some Bung, shall we?

Your Undercarriage’s Pinker Pucker Anal is also available for separate purchase.  Waxing of the Grand Canyon is highly recommended and included when the professional procedure is done in-salon.  Obviously any sharp objects, such as razors are highly discouraged and should be kept away from your wrinkled-fuzzy “Shar-Pei.”  The area must be hair-free for proper product absorption.  P.S. Please note, for the puckers that have become unrecognizable, more than one round of lightening may be needed for best results!  Typically 3 treatments is the magic number of treatments for most.  Either way, Pinker Pucker will greatly improve the undercarriage and maintain it rust free.  Now off you go to take care of your Ben Dover.  Happy anal bleaching to you!


For all who are deathly afraid of painful Manzilians and bikini waxes, we have the answer!! “Numb Your One-Eyed Monster," by Your Undercarriage works like a charm by numbing the downstairs area and making MANzilians virtually painless!!  May also be purchased separately for DIY. Please make sure to arrive 40 minutes before your scheduled appointment to have "numbmer" applied. Please note that numbmer must sit a minimum of 30 minutes to be effective.  Now keep in mind gentlemen, this is by no means general anesthesia but it sure does help take the sting out of waxing!



Gents, we must always take care of our best assets! Wouldn’t you agree? It often is that our backside is taken for granted until one day you discover those nasty little bumps vacationing on your bum called folliculitis or dare we say Acne?!?!?  Most everyone has it to some degree but it can sometimes get out of control at times. This treatment deep cleans the skin on your behind, with Your Undercarriage’s (YU) “Caboose Wash.” Your bum will be exfoliated with Microdermabrasion and followed by YU’s “Rid Your Trunk of Junk,” Treated Exfoliating Pads, that will help rid you of embarrassing bumps. Extractions will be performed and a High frequency device will be used to kill bacteria and out breaks on contact.  This treatment will leave your behind looking so great in your tighty whities!  Feel proud to show off your handsome bum!

Yes, he needs a facial too! A popular clean-up service dedicated to the Fruitbasket! The undercarriage area has a tendency for ingrown hairs, blackheads, and breakouts when the rose bush is neglected. There is nothing more unattractive than bumps around the pubic area.  A cleansing is done with Your Undercarriage’s (YU) Hotdog'N Buns Wash, followed by an exfoliation with Microdermabrasion and extractions. A salicylic acid treatment may be added to further exfoliate for $15. High frequency may be used to kill bacteria and out breaks on contact. This’ll discourage future outbreaks and nasty ingrown hairs. YU’s Your “Mr.” De-Bumper, Ingrown Hair Solution will assist in inhibiting ingrown hairs from attacking your crotch. Works like a charm! Perfect for bikini/swimsuit season or just simply to hangout in your birthday suit.


A mini peel for your privates' breakouts post waxing. 


  • Full (Cheeks & In-Between)  $64

  • Cheeks (Only)  $45

  • Between Cheeks (Only)  $32

 “MANZILIAN” BIKINI WAX  (includes derrière)  $99

Gentlemen...are we ready to go to Brazil? If you’ve never been, you and your main squeeze will love it!! This is a full bikini wax where all the hair is removed around the genital area, including the scrotum, anal region, yes and even Beaver Cleaver (a.k.a. Admiral Winky, Pinnochio, Seabiscuit, etc.)  You get the picture!


For the man whose into grooming and wants a bit more “manscaping” but not too much!  A bit is taken off the top of hair line.  Leaves a wide vertical strip in front, three fingers in width that goes down the genitals and scrotum.  Hair is not removed from the scrotum completely, only sides.
Note: Any residing hair may be trimmed upon request. Disposable draping is provided to make you as comfortable as possible.



Look no more for the perfect conversation piece, ice breaker, or surprise! Some things just go great together: Peanut butter and jelly;  nails and hammers; Man’s Best Friend and crystals!  It gives “redecorating” a whole new meaning and we're not talk'n Martha Stewart either!  Gents, now we can “bejewel and bling-out” your One-Eyed Wonder!  Perfect for a special occasion like a birthday, anniversary, wedding or just to resuscitate your love life.  Whatever the occasion, you’ll feel extra special down there and your Honey will love his new look! May also be placed anywhere on the body.  Usually lasts about 7- 10 days.


  • Gray Coverage, Natural Color  $42

  • Fun Color  $53

Hair that isn’t waxed can be “aged away” with darkening the gray hair down there. Specialty tint, for Your Undercarriage will cover Granny and Grandpa hairs or be fun and be daring and go for: Lipstick Red, Pretty In Pink, Something Blue, Lucky Green, Big “O” Orange, Purple Pimp, Spicy Ginger, Dumb Blonde, Bomshell Brunette, Raven Black colors.