Face it chaps’n lassies, excessive body hair is rarely attractive, and when we say rarely we mean almost never.  Even the French have come to realize this notion of the loveliness of being hair free!  Anyone who tells you otherwise is either (a) a time-travelling porn star from the 1970s, (b) a member of the Simon-Cowell-David-Hasselhoff-the-more-hair-the-better fan club, or (c) your mum.

Fortunately, waxing is a quick and easy way to temporarily remove unwanted hair, and as an added bonus the results will bring a smile to even the most cynical of loved ones.

Do I need to bring anything to my appointment?  Always bring a valid ID and the credit card that is in your name, that you used to book your appointment with either in person, online (via our website or our Facebook page) or over the phone.   Also, PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL WAXING GODDESSES:  BE ON TIME TO YOUR APPOINTMENT!  Because we are excellent at what we do, we are hands down the "poopular" kids of waxing and are in high demand, just about year round.  We book back to back appointments every 10-15 minutes, which means that if you are late only 5 minutes to your appointment we will most likely have to reschedule you for another day or time because we'll most likely have another person coming in right after your appointment.  If you're having a Brazilian done, it's suggested that you bring an extra clean and sanitary 100% cotton pair of underwear.  Please make sure you put them in a little ziplock baggie so they don't roll around at the bottom of your purse all day with dirty change.  Make sure that they are the "granniest" pair (no thongs) of underoos that you own as long as they are 100% cotton.

If I need to bring my child to my waxing appointment with me, can they wait in the lobby waiting area until I'm done?  Unfortunately, no.  We can't be responsible for someone's child, even if they are angels and very well behaved.  Our insurance frowns upon this and besides we're not a babysitting service.  We are all busy doing our jobs.  Your baby needs to be with you at ALL times.  If they are 10 years of age or look it, we will ask you to take them into the room with you otherwise you will need to cancel and reschedule your service.

Can I get my “Pinky & the Brain” or my Wooha waxed?  Uh, YEAH!  We'll wax pretty much anything except your car.  If it grows hair we'll happily yank it out.  The only places we won't touch are your scalp hair, beard and eyelashes.   Everything else is fair game including the ears, the back of the neck, hairy nostrils, and fingers and toes.

I know you don't perform bikini or undercarriage adult services on minors but since I'm almost 18 can I have a Brazilian done?  So as long as your mum or papa are willing to accompany you to sign waivers to give you permission to wax and you're ok with them being in the room with you (we won't wax minors or perform services if the parent isn't physically in the room at all times), and your 18th birthday is nearing within the next 90 days, we will most likely get the okay from our supervisor to allow you to wax downstairs.  Make sure to bring your license or a state ID showing your DOB.

Is it ok if I text, check email, or Facebook on my phone during my waxing service?  No.  It is company policy to ask clients to put their cell phones away in a safe place.  The last thing we want is a glob of wax flying onto your very expensive smart phone or tablets, for that matter.  We can't be responsible for damages to property, so we cannot perform any waxing services until you put all your valuable electronics away.  Besides, we may request that you assist with holding body parts and will need both of your hands.  This rule also applies if you're wearing a very expensive and pretty outfit.  We may ask you to take it off and hang it up as we'd hate for it to be ruined by dripping wax.

Where does hair removal come from?  For centuries, folks have been trying to get rid of hair.  The Romans would remove theirs with razors made from flints, tweezers, creams, and stones to remove excess hair.  In fact, even pubic hair was considered uncivilized which is why many famous statues and paintings of Grecian women are depicted hairless.  In the Middle Ages, Cleopatra & Queen Elizabeth I removed it from their faces and eyebrows.   In 1760, a French barber created the first straight razor for men and a hundred years later King Camp Gillete created the first modern day razor for men and thus a revolution was born.  In 1844, Dr. Gouraud invented one of the first depilatory creams on the market.  Remington released the first electric women’s razor in 1940 after the success of a male version.  In the 1960’s wax strips made their début in the and quickly became the method of choice for removing unwanted hair.  In the 70’s, Electrolysis became more reliable and safe with the development of transistorized equipment.  The decade also saw a resurgence in the removal of bikini area hair as the swimsuit fad of the 1960s stuck around.  Today, most guys and dolls rely on some form of hair removal in their everyday beauty routines, whether it is tweezing, shaving, sugaring, waxing, laser, Electrolysis or depilatory.  New technologies in hair removal have made it one of the most popular beauty services. 

Do many guys & gals get waxed?  Oh yeah they do!  Waxing is definitely the new black!  Not only is it a reliable form to remove unwanted hair, it is also very affordable then other hair removing techniques, such as laser.  It seems that most of us either hate or loathe unwanted hair because let’s face it…it just doesn’t look cute and many times, exists in places it just shouldn’t be living!  It’s a nuisance that can sometimes be stinky and smelly too!  Gents & ladies EVERYWHERE from all ethnic backgrounds, body shapes, sizes and ages, ranging from 18 to 90, are waxing everyday.  They have come to understand and discover the benefits of having smoothe, hair-free skin and are loving it!  We always applaud and it makes us smile when the sophisticated'n mature folks in their 80’s come in for Brazilians or Manzilians.  “BRAVO to them for having the desire to want to continue to feel sexy and look nice down there” is what we say!  Viva le amor!

Why wax?  Personal reasons for waxing are as many and diverse as our guests, but here are a few benefits that clients have shared with us:

  • Brazilians & Manzilians assists one in getting their sexy groove back in the bedroom and could actually help save marriages and relationships alike…seriously!
  • Waxing of intimate areas heightens sexual sensitivity and just makes it better
  • Partners prefer the smooth look and feel of the skin
  • Being hair-free feels cleaner and more hygienic especially for dolls when Aunt Flo visits
  • Reduces body odor, particularly in summer
  • Sports related benefits for swimmers, body builders, athletes and cyclists
  • Improves appearance and enhanced muscle definition
  • Increases self-confidence knowing and feeling you look pretty and smooth
  • Hair grows much softer and sparse versus shaving

Unlike shaving and hair removal creams, waxing removes hair by the root.  This means it takes longer to grow back (4-5 weeks before your pelt has grown back to its pre-wax state) and re-growth is noticeably softer and sparser. No itchy stubble, long lasting results and fantastically smoothe skin… what's not to like?

Do you double dip your waxing sticks?  HELLS-BELLS NO!  EWWW.  It makes our stomachs churn and our skin crawl knowing that there are salons, even in our own backyard, that are unsanitary and dangerous by Double Dipping used wax sticks; scraping-off used wax from used wax strips to re-melt & re-use; re-washing the used strips (or not washing them at all) and using them again on innocent victims to save a buck.  It’s no wonder that we have acquired a strong reputation for our high standards of cleanliness and sanitation practices, so much so that we are very popular with the medical community in our area.  The majority of our clientele base are medical professionals that trust us from Riverside Community Hospital, Corona Regional Medical Center as well as Loma Linda Hospital. 

Word to the wise:  If ever you visit a different waxing salon other then the Wax Lounge and you see the technician double dipping her spatula, we HIGHLY recommend you ask her to stop and get the hey out of there because chances are you’ll most likely bring an infection home with you, involving Strep, Staph, or an STD like HPV or Herpes, and possibly not only end up with a big medical bill but also give whatever you caught to your significant other.  The way we think about it is, who knows how many dozens of vagina/pee-pee cooties could be living in the pots of those that double dip and aren’t practicing safe sanitation standards. 

We at The Wax Lounge, under no circumstances will put our clients health in harms way.  We have a zero tolerance policy for double dipping.  We not only go as far as spraying down and thoroughly cleaning our plastic covered tables and even the walls where people’s legs might rub (yes, we think of it all) with 91% hospital grade Isopropyl Alcohol, Bleach, and QUATS inbetween each client, but we also have new disposable waxing table paper (like the exam paper the docs use) for each and every new service.  We even clean the door knobs and light switch plates.  Call us neurotic and OCD but you can never be too safe.  We go well beyond what the California state board requires of us but we put ourselves in your shoes and we too would appreciate sanitary practices at all times, if we were having a service done.   FYI, we also wear a brand new pair of either Nitrile or Vinyl gloves to protect you and ourselves from blood borne pathogens.  We are quite versed in Bloodborne Pathogens Universal Precautions.  We do not use latex gloves as latex is a common allergy with folks.

What is a Brazilian & Manzilian waxing?  The Brazilian wax (a.k.a. The Girl From Ipanema) involves removing the hair from the pubic bone, the groin area (about 2-3” outside the panty line), the labia majora and minora (both sets of large and small lips down stairs, although the small lips will entail the outter portion only, as the inside of the small are soft tissue where hair does not grow), the perineal area (the short road where the Vaj meets the Eye of the Storm), and lastly the Valley of the Unknown (in-between the cheeks) and the Ruched Canyon (your anus) of course.  The Manzilian wax (a.k.a. the shaft, sac & crack) involves the removal of hair from the groin, penis, scrotum, and Hershey Highway area (in-between the cheeks + the Eye of the Storm).  You may request that as much or as little hair be removed, as you like.  We have an array of descriptive services to fit your preference. 

What should I expect from a Brazilian or a Manzilian waxing during the actual service?  We offer all dolls a disposable panty or drape for the dolls to cover their Lady Garden and the gents to cover  their Two and a Half Men.  The skin is cleansed with Your Undercarriage professional products and wipes to remove dirt and oil.  Many different techniques and positions are implemented and the back-side is always done with the person on their knees and their booty high to sky, whenever possible.  This is the best position we have found, to be as thorough as possible with removing all hair from the Hershey Highway and the Eye of the Storm.  Our clients appreciate our thoroughness more then you know!  We may or may not ask you to assist with holding your naughty Tid Bits or other body parts as needed during the service. 

At the end, we offer wipes with Your Undercarriage professional products for you to remove any leftover residue and stickiness.  We don’t believe in doing your clean-up for you not because we’re lazy, but we have found that this service is already an uncomfortable one for most people…understandably.  The last thing we want to do is make it more awkward by rubbing-clean your private areas and making you feel as though we just fondled you.  We want you to feel as comfortable as possible so we choose to give you your space, privacy, and the clean-up tools and products for a few minutes to allow you to clean-up, admire the beautiful wax job (if you please), and change back into your knickers (if you'd like) and your clothes.  That’s just always worked best for us.

One last thought...we pride ourselves on being professionals especially during your service.  We are not there judging your body parts or your body at that.  We are kind, patient, skilled and efficient with our clients and their services.  We’ve seen literally thousands of Woohas & Willys over the years and have plenty of experience when waxing the nether regions.   You can have a peace of mind that you are in good hands.

Will I get aroused during a Manzilian wax?  We highly doubt this will happen since it’s not a pleasant, sexual service, that will make you feel warm and fuzzy, nor your privates won’t be stimulated in a sexual manner either.  If ever this does happen though we won't embarrass you, as we understand it can be a natural reaction.  We would just handle the situation  professionally and move on with your waxing service.  It's not a big deal to us.  That being said PERVES are not welcomed.  We do not tolerate inappropriate behavior and we'll stop the service, charge you for it and ask you to leave and not return.  We also keep pepper spray which we're not afraid to use and a panic button linked to the police department.  So to the pervees out there:  we highly recommend you do not mess with us because we don’t play!  You will be on camera the moment you enter so beaware.

I have piercings “downstairs.”  Do I need to remove them?  In most cases no, we can work around it, but it is on a case by case basis.  It really depends on the size of the jewelry, how many piercings there are, the location, and of course if it was a recent piercing you’ll most likely need to wait an extended time before you are able to remove it,  a year or more we think but check with your piercer to make sure.  So if you have a lot of bling downstairs, it’s best to have us take a quick looksee and give you an accurate assessment and advice.

Rats!  Aunt Flo just came to visit unexpectedly this morning and I have a Brazilian appointment today.  Can I still get the Brazilian wax done?  Yes!  We are totally ok with this as long as you put a fresh tampon in right before we begin the service.  This is not a big deal to us and in either case we glove up to protect ourselves and you.  It's something natural and we do it everyday, so no need for any embarrassment.  You could be a little more sensitive then usual but probably not by a whole lot unless you are that extra, extra sensitive type of person where you feel as though you're a glass window waiting to shatter because you're that sensitive during your period, then probably not a good idea.  But you be the judge.  You know your body best.  The ideal time to get waxed, by the way, is on your most fertile day of your cycle because your pain tolerance is at its highest.

Why are pregnancy and baby delivery bikini waxing prices more expensive then the regular Brazilian/Bikini Waxes?  These waxes are specialty waxing services that could take longer and are a higher risk service since obviously we’re dealing with waxing a pregnant woman with a baby inside her tummy.  Greater precaution is taken since we are dealing with safely positioning of bellys, hips, and body parts that vary in many sizes.  We're also extra careful with the vaj as it goes through many textural changes and increases in vascularity as well, throughout the pregnancy.  Body positioning is a whole other animal!  Since the inferior vena cava is the main source of oxygenation from mommy to baby, we know exactly how to position mom.  If the woman isn't positioned correctly, you can stop oxygenation to baby which could be extremely dangerous.  We always want to make sure both baby and mom are safe at all times.  We also take precautions with making sure that mommy is feeling ok and not dizzy or nauseated from lying down incorrectly, etc.  A lot of planning and completely different techniques are implemented for the preggers waxing services.  We have been thoroughly trained in these specialized techniques and skills.  Many other waxing companies don’t take waxing pregnant women correctly and safely into consideration but we do at The Wax Lounge.

What does waxing involve?  First, the area to be treated is cleansed, pre-treated & prepped with Your Undercarriage professional products.  Next, the hairs are coated with a layer of warm wax, which sticks to the hair and removes it by the root when pulled off.  We use a combination of customized wax formulas, our own proprietary blends, that cater to:  skin type, hair texture, and the particular body area being waxed to make your waxing experience the most effective, beneficial and comfortable treatment possible.  We got your back (pun intended)!  :)

Will waxing hurt?  The reality is we’d be fibbing if we said it was 100% pain free and didn’t hurt at all.  The first time can be a loo-loo depending on your pain tolerance and sensitivity.  However we don't believe ingoing as slow as possible, like many other places.  We want to get the job done and over with as quickly, safely, thoroughly and efficiently for you.  The last thing we want to do is torture our clients for elongated periods of time.  Ouch!  That's so unecessary if you know what you're doing. 

So to be specific about the areas as they pertain to Brazilian and Manzillian waxes...the top part, on the pubic bone AND near the base of the penis and near the Clitoris seem to be the most painful areas to have waxed but it goes fast...  Curiously enough, hair tends to be very "healthy," dense and coarse there, like little Redwood trees from the Sequoia National park.  We do implement breathing techniques  that do help to control pain.  Like Lamaze (but kind of different), we like to refer to it as "Vajmaze and Schlongmaze."  It definitely helps to decrease pain and prepare you for the pulls.  We also offer numbing products by Your Undercarriage.  The one for the dolls is Numb You’re your Nanners and the one for gents is Numb Your One-Eyed Monster.  Both can either be applied with the professional grade or you can pick up a bottle, apply it yourself 15-20 minutes before your waxing appointment and use it a few times, anywhere on the body and face.  By no means is this general anesthesia but it certainly does decrease the sting from waxing to make it more comfortable for you. 

The sensation of waxing is similar to being slapped/spanked (whatever tickles your fancy) with a plastic ruler:  a momentary “ouch” that quickly fades.  If you've never been slapped with a plastic ruler, you haven't lived!  You'll be more inclined to get yourself down to the stationery aisle immediately after reading Shades of Gray, we're sure. 

Caffeine has gotten a bad rap to be taken before waxing, however, we disagree.  On the contrary, it caffeine is a mild painkiller and can increase the effectiveness of other pain relievers like Ibuprofen or Aspirin if you take it 20 minutes prior to your appointment.  Sure, caffeine could act as a blood thinner which could increase your chances of bruising during a wax but technically so could pain killers that many estheticians recommend.  All NSAIDS (aspirin, Advil, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc.) could do this in excess.  But if taken correctly, a lil cup of joe could boost that cocktail of pain killers into your system within 10 minutes.   This is what we've learned but of course always check with your doc if you have any questions.

It's worth remembering that Wax Lounge specializes in hair removal.  Our skilled technicians have been doing this for a very long time and know you'll be in good hands.  All waxing services are done using a precise, safe, & thorough technique.  We know how to trouble shoot difficult waxes and have a few tricks up our pink aprons to ensure it all goes well.  Most clients agree that the discomfort is nowhere near as bad as they anticipated.  It also gets easier with every subsequent appointment.  After only the first appointment, you’ll begin to get “balding” in the waxed areas, with the re-growth being soft versus stubbly from a 5 o’clock shadow post shaving.

Will it feel uncomfortable afterwards?  Yes…it very well could.  Some soreness and redness are common temporary reactions, particularly if this is your first wax but we have amazing Your Undercarriage's after care products that will be your BFF.  Reactions tend to subside from within a few hours to up to a day and a half.  Many find that regular waxing results in less irritation.  It is NOT unusual and perfectly normal for waxees to experience outbreaks, small bumps, irritation and redness, especially if it is your first few times.  These are temporary reactions as the skin and hair follicles acclimate to waxing.  This typically subsides within the first 3 days, post your service. 

We highly recommend religiously using aftercare products from the Your Undercarriage line (a specialty skincare dedicated to the Woohas, Woohoos, & Winkies of the world), officially inaugurated and launched at the 2014 Oscars Red Carpet Awards show in Hollywood, CA. 

"The Calm BEFORE & AFTER the Storm," PRE & POST Hair Removal Collection which prepares & numbs the skin prior to hair removal procedures and afterwards soothes & calms skin irritation as well as rejuvenates the skin

"No Bumps in the Road," Bump Fighting Collection which effectively rids the skin of blemishes & bumps post hair removal.

"Dapper Gents, For Him," for HIS Undercarriage created especially for his nuts, bolts, screwdriver, and everything in-between.  A full line just for him, scented in a sophisticated gents’ scent.

Those collections are fan favorites, although the "Winks, Minks, & All That is Pink," Brightening Collection has its own following, which addresses skin discoloration and hyperpigmentation on the “undercarriage” and the Chassis too!  With the skin lightening line though, you can't wax for 6-8 weeks.

Are there any conditions that will prevent me from getting waxed?  Yes. 

  • Contagious skin conditions will prevent us from waxing the affected area until the condition has completely cleared. 
  • Clients taking Acne medication or Accutane must wait 6 months after finishing their medication before receiving a waxing treatment.
  • We are also unable to remove hair from skin that is sunburnt, chafed or broken, or from skin that has been treated with steroid creams, Retin-A, Differin or other retinoid acne products within the last 3 months. 
  • Users of products containing acids, like Alpha Hydroxy (Lactic & Glycolic), Beta Hydroxy (Salicylic), or Retinoic Acid should break usage of those products a minimum of 2 weeks prior to waxing. 
  • If you have any blood diseases or disorders such as anemia, Vitamin K deficiency, Bruising disorder, or are Diabetic, you are probably not a good candidate for waxing. 
  • We also avoid waxing active acne, cold sores, raised moles, skin tags, abrasions, bruises, bites, stitches, or broken skin. 
  • Folks with Psoriasis, Eczema, or contact Dermatitis are probably not good candidates as well. 
  • We will not wax over new scars (6 months or less) like from Hysterectomy, Caesarean, or Episiotomy, Vasectomy.
  • We do not recommend having your first wax immediately before a special occasion or holiday, as the treated area may look and feel a little sore afterwards - better to play it safe and allow a couple of days for things to settle down before surprising your unsuspecting partner or jetting off to that tropical vacay.

How should I prepare for my treatment?  Please shower before your appointment and, if possible, gently exfoliate with Your Undercarriage's, Undercarriage Polish, the areas you are having waxed,  for a few days beforehand but not within 48 hours of your appointment.  This will assist with removal of any dead skin cells and lift the hair, enabling the wax to get as many of the little blighters as possible.

SUPER IMPORTANT:  Do not shave or use hair removal creams on the area for at least 3-4 weeks prior to your appointment, as hair needs to be a minimum of ¼-1/2 of an inch long in order to wax successfully.  If you are already getting waxed on a regular basis, you will need to leave at least 4 weeks between treatments.  We will do any necessary trimming for you on the day, so don’t trim.  Also, do not apply lotion on the area to be waxed, as the wax will simply slide off the hair and not catch the hair.   

We suggest wearing clean, loose-fitting clothes.  If you’re having the nether regions waxed, it's suggested that you bring an extra clean and sanitary 100% cotton pair of underwear.  Please make sure you put them in a little ziplock baggie so they stay sanitary and don't roll around at the bottom of your purse all day with dirty change.  Make sure that they are the "granniest" pair (no thongs) of underoos that you own as long as they are 100% cotton.  We suggest wearing granny underwear for the first 3 days post waxing. 

Also, for your appointment, don’t turn up in your sweaty gym clothes that will have carried bacteria from your sweat, grime, and who knows what else from the gym into your vulnerable, freshly waxed skin and open pores.  Avoid clothes that rubs excessively too.  This is a sure way to develop a lovely yeast infection or jock itch.

Treat the waxed area like an open wound!  You want to avoid freshly waxed skin being exposed to the sun/UV rays and bacteria.  Keep it clean and dry and DO use your YU aftercare products for 3 days.  They will be your bff. 

A tip we always give to clients that wax their faces is to change out their pillow cases and make sure they're clean.

I'm so nervous and embarrassed to have a Brazilian or a Manzilian done.  Just remember that we are professionals and you are in very good hands.  We do thousands of these per year.  By the end of the service we usually end up being BFF's.  :)  Plus we also offer wine or a nice cocktail at times, to help put you at ease.  We do check ID's to make sure you are 21 and over and it is only one serving per client.

How long will the treatment take?  This depends on the area being waxed, thickness and the density of hair, and the client's comfort level. Eyebrows take about 10-15 minutes, full legs 25-35 minutes, chest or back wax will take 10-20 minutes depending on hair growth, Brazilian 10-15 minutes, and Manzilians 20-25 minutes.  Please arrive 10-15 minutes early if you are visiting us for the first time.  We will have paper work for you to fill out on a mini notebook computer (because we try to be as green as possible).  This way, we will be able to perform your service without being rushed for time or having to reschedule you.

How should I care for my skin afterwards? 

  • Treat the waxed area like an open wound!  You want to avoid freshly waxed skin being exposed to the sun/UV rays and bacteria.  Keep it clean and dry.

  • DO use your YU aftercare products for 3 days.  You will love them and is considered one of the best lines on the market for waxing after care.  They will be your bff.

  • If you wear a short dress/skirt or shorts during the first 3 days POST waxing, please make sure you wear granny 100% cotton underwear to protect your Wooha.  Otherwise, if you sit anywear that's dirty (think:  movie theater, work chair, car chair, gym) you could get a bacterial or yeast infection because your pores are very exposed during the first few days post waxing.

  • A tip we always give to clients that wax their faces is to change out their pillow cases and make sure they're clean.

  • HANDS OFF!  Don't touch and irritate the skin more.  Leave it alone and use Your Undercarriage's aftercare products religiously.  Especially don't touch with unwashed, dirty hands.  You'd have to scrub down like a surgeon to fully clean and sanitize underneath your nails and even then it would not bet a good idea to scratch the freshly waxed skin.  Just leave it alone people.
  • Do not sunbathe or tan for a minimum of 72 hours.  If you do, you will most likely hyperpigment and get ugly dark, blotchiness.  
  • Do not apply deodorants for 72 hrs.  Maybe use a natural salt one instead of one containing Aluminum Oxide that will hyperpigment the underarms and irritate them.
  • Do not use body sprays, powders, lotions or other products to the area, other than those Your Undercarriage aftercare products recommended by your therapist.
  • If your skin feels tight and itchy, or is dry and flakey after the service, generously apply the Soothe Your Nanners, Soothe Your One-Eyed Monster, or Soothe Your Chassis for 3 days, frequently throughout the day.  Do not scratch, especially with filthy nails.  God knows what could be living under them! 
  • You must avoid heat and friction for at least 72 hours after your appointment. This means NO:  
    • S-E-X (no touch!  a little self-control will go a long way)
    • Hot tubs
    • Swimming pools
    • Hot baths or showers (washing with cool or lukewarm water is fine)
    •  Saunas
    • Steam rooms
    • Exercise
    • Tight clothing that might cause excessive skin rubbing.

How do I prevent bumps & ingrown hairs?  Use the aftercare products by Your Undercarriage.  These work like a charm.  Ingrown hairs occur when a new hair can't break through the surface of the skin and curls back into the pore instead, often resulting in a spot.  Hair removal can exacerbate the situation, but help is at hand.  Use Muffin’N Caboose Wash or Hotdog’N Buns Wash with Your Undercarriage's Bikini Buff or Brush followed by Undercarriage Polish, in the bath or shower, 3-4 times per week.  Lastly, apply Your Mrs. Or Your Mr. Debumper everyday, out of the shower after cleaning the skin.  If the ingrown hairs are chronic, increase your product usage of the wash and polish to 4-6 times per week and Your Mrs. or Your Mr. Debumper to 2x/day.  This little aftercare regimen will help prevent, treat and keep ingrown hairs at bay.  All three products contain active ingredients that work by chemically and physically exfoliating the skin, to free pesky hairs and help soothe irritation from hair removal, anywhere on the body.  Make sure you wash your Bikini Buff or loofah with your laundry regularly so it doesn’t accumulate bacteria over time.  The Bikini Brush should be washed regularly with soap and hot water and can be disinfected in the microwave for 30-45 seconds, to kill bacteria and keep it clean.  If extra attention is needed for problematic ingrown hairs, we also have a  Undercarriage Bump Buster'N Highlighter, Anti-Bumps'N Lightening Body Treatment, that works wonders for stubborn, ingrown hairs.  It also helps with the discoloration that may be left behind.  ALL PRODUCTS FOR INGROWN HAIRS & BUMPS SHOULD NOT BE USED UNTIL THE 4TH DAY, POST YOUR WAXING SERVICE.

Can I book a facial, massage, spray tan or sunbed after my wax?  Depending on the area waxed, we generally advise to wait 48 hours before having a facial, massage or tanning, including spray  tanning and the use of UV sunbeds.  All advanced skincare peels and resurfacing should be done at least 48 hours post waxing.  Salon services for Your Undercarriage, such as Your Mrs. Vacials and Booty Facials may be done immediately following waxing though as long as peels are not performed in the downstairs area.

How long will the results last?  This varies from person to person.  Unlike shaving or hair removal creams, waxing removes hair by the root - this avoids the discomfort of itchy stubble and your hair will grow back slower, softer and sparser.  Because of the way hair grows, it may take 3 or 4 appointments spaced evenly apart to get on a growth cycle that gives best results, but stick with it and you'll soon see what all the fuss is about.  To maintain your smooth appearance, we recommend waxing regularly every 4 to 5 weeks.

How much does it cost?  Our tariffs depend on the area being waxed, how much hair there is, the difficulty of waxing, the hair texture, special circumstances needed to accommodate, and the amount of time it will take to perform the service(s).  Our prices are based on starting and could vary and go up from the starting prices, although most will stay even keel and consistent.   

Please look under "Menu of Services" for pricing on services on the website.

What does body hair clippering involve?  If you need a bit of a tidy but just can't bear the thought of waxing or don’t care for hair blonding, then our clippering service may be the solution.  We use professional trimmers to shorten excess body hair, resulting in a neat and natural looking finish that many people find an attractive alternative to full hair removal.

Pricing for Body Hair Clippering are as follows:

Small  $5-$15

Medium  $15-25

Large $25-$35

Extra Large $35+

After my last waxing appointment, there was hair left behind.  Is there anything that can be done?  Yes of course.  We want to be sure to make it right for you.  First and foremost if this ever happens our apologies.  We strive to do our very best to be thorough but sometimes the little bugers can hide in crevices and skin folds and it can happen from time to time.  Hair is especially easy to miss if it is blonde, white, or gray as it usually can only be seen at an angle, in the light.   If ever you have any questions or concerns, we ask all of our clients to let us know immediately, within the first 48 hours of their appointment, so we can remedy the situation.  If we need to touch up the missed hairs we ask that you come in as soon as possible, but it CANNOT be longer then 3-4 days from your appointment.  

Why am I getting regrowth after one week of waxing?  This could happen where you may notice a small amount of re-growth after a week or so, but it may take up to 4 treatments for your hair to get on a growth cycle that gives best results. Hair needs to be at least ¼-1/2 inch long before it can be successfully removed by waxing.  Please do not shave the area between your appointments as this messes with the natural growth cycle, and you'll be left with stubble at your next appointment.  To maintain your smooth appearance, we recommend regular waxings every 4 to 5 weeks.